Harlequin Presents - December 2019 - Box Set 1 of 2

Harlequin Presents - December 2019 - Box Set 1 of 2

Lynne Graham, Louise Fuller, Carol Marinelli, Susan Stephens


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Harlequin® Presents brings you a collection of four new titles! This Presents box set includes:

Conveniently Wed!
By Lynne Graham
Letty can’t let her family fall into financial ruin. A convenient Christmas wedding with Leo is the ideal solution! Until their paper-only arrangement is scorched… by the heat of their unanticipated attraction!

One Night With Consequences
By Louise Fuller
Ragnar’s chaotic childhood inspired his billion-dollar dating app. He must keep romantic attachments simple. But when Lottie reveals their heart-stopping encounter had consequences, there’s no question that Ragnar will claim his baby…

By Carol Marinelli

Prince Rafe is floored by his unexpected connection to chambermaid Antonietta. All he can offer is a temporary seduction. But unwrapping the precious gift of her virginity changes everything. Now Rafe must choose—his crown, or Antonietta…

By Susan Stephens

Snowed-in with Stacey, his best friend’s untouched—and very off-limits!—sister, Lucas discovers temptation like no other. And as their mutual attraction grows hotter, Lucas has never been so close to breaking the rules…

Be sure to collect Harlequin® Presents’ December 2019 Box Set 2 of 2!


Lynne Graham:
Lynne Graham lives in Northern Ireland and has been a keen romance reader since her teens. Happily married, Lynne has five children. Her eldest is her only natural child. Her other children, who are every bit as dear to her heart, are adopted. The family has a variety of pets, and Lynne loves gardening, cooking, collecting allsorts and is crazy about every aspect of Christmas.

Louise Fuller was a tomboy who hated pink and always wanted to be the prince. Not the princess! Now she enjoys creating heroines who aren’t pretty pushovers but strong, believable women.

Before writing for Mills and Boon, she studied literature and philosophy at university and then worked as a reporter on her local newspaper. She lives in Tunbridge Wells with her impossibly handsome husband, Patrick and their six children.

Carol Marinelli recently filled in a form asking for her job title. Thrilled to be able to put down her answer, she put writer. Then it asked what Carol did for relaxation and she put down the truth - writing. The third question asked for her hobbies. Well, not wanting to look obsessed she crossed the fingers on her hand and answered swimming but, given that the chlorine in the pool does terrible things to her highlights – I’m sure you can guess the real answer.

Susan Stephens is passionate about writing books set in fabulous locations where an outstanding man comes to grips with a cool, feisty woman. Susan’s hobbies include travel, reading, theatre, long walks, playing the piano, and she loves hearing from readers at her website. www.susanstephens.com